Extend Your Local Search Results to Reach More Users

Did you know that 46% of all searches in Google are seeking local information, and that 86% of people will look up a business in Google Maps to see where it's located? People are searching for your business - or the services you offer - online. Are they finding you?

These days, it's hard to not be listed in local listings and map services. With virtually all of your competition being listed - whether they've requested it or not - the competition to show up on the first page of results can be fierce. Standing out by having an optimized listing, with accurate contact information, engaging photos, and special offers is also a key to victory. We can help optimize and manage your local business listings, so you maximize your reach to potential local clients.

Starting Connecting Locally

How Can We Help?

Help You Gain Access to Your Accounts

The first hurdle to clear in the process is to obtain access to your local business accounts. More than 56% of local stores have yet to claim their local listing on Google. You can take advantage by taking initiative. We can help by gaining access on your behalf with Google Place, Bing Places, Yelp! And more. From there, we can manage the account for you, and make sure you have access should you ever need to leave.

Optimize Your Accounts

Once we have access to your accounts, we'll work through the steps of making sure every field and feature is up to date with the latest information and optimize to turn heads. We'll also show you how to manage features such as special offers, company photos, and more.

Maintain Your Accounts

Maintain Your Accounts

If you ever need to make a phone number change or a location move, we're here to help keep things up to date. We'll also review your listings periodically to make sure we're taking advantage of all of the available features.

Mobile Development

Did you know that 61% of mobile searchers are more likely to contact a local business, if they have a mobile-friendly site? Optimizing your site for mobile has never been more important, as less and less online activity is happening on PC. Don't let a bad first impression drive away potential business. We can help.